Repair, Remove Broken Not Working, Disabled Shortcuts

We make shortcuts of many documents for our ease and convenience. After the document has been used, we delete them. But the shortcuts are left behind. Now, in future when we try to use the shortcut, the system shows it to be corrupted. There are many other reasons due to which the system is unable to identify the shortcut. If you are interested in keeping your system updated, these shortcuts have to be repaired if possible, otherwise delete them. Broken Shortcut Fixer is wonderful tool for this purpose.

Broken Shortcut Fixer is small freeware of 1.02 MB. It is a portable freeware. Now you need not to resolve these small problems manually. All the broken paths will be repaired by the freeware. It will help you to find the corrupted shortcuts in the complete drive. The snapshot given below will show the explain how to use the tool. Select anyone of the drives from the dropdown menu. Click on “Scan Shortcuts”.

Broken Shortcut Fixer_2010-12-15_19-19-35

The broken shortcuts due to incorrect path or any other reason will be automatically repaired and resolved. The shortcuts which cannot be repaired will be displayed as shown below. These shortcuts can be investigated and repaired manually. Double click on the path and make the required adjustments to fix it. Or otherwise delete them if not required with the help of the option “Delete Broken Shortcuts”. There is one more option to “Ignore remote shortcuts”. Check box the option if required before scanning.


The best thing about the utility is that the processing is very fast. It takes few seconds to scan the complete drive. So, whenever you have to resolve the shortcuts problem now, you don’t have spend lot of time. Just 10-15 seconds will be enough. You may get the other tools but they generally search the corrupted shortcuts and do not repair them. So, Broken Shortcut Fixer prove to be a very good option.

Since it works on the basis of the drives, you can also use it for your pen drives. Sometimes you may send the shortcuts instead of the document. The freeware will identify that the shortcuts in pen drives also. Now you can amend the shortcuts in few easy steps. The tool will surely help you. Enjoy the tool and keep the system free from the useless options.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7, so it will be compatible with the other versions also.

Download Broken Shortcut Fixer

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