Repair iTunes Library No Location Tracks, Lost Tracks, Duplicate Tracks and Wrong Meta Data

When we install the iTunes into our system, then we know that it will scan the system to detect all the multi media files which are present there and then it will enlist it into its list. But as the time passes some of the files are deleted of there are some duplicate copied of certain files present in our system, but still they are enlisted as it is in our iTunes library. So, now we will be reviewing a tool which can take care of this problem by providing you a sophisticated cleaning of the library of the tool and this tool is known as Meta iPod, an iTunes cleaner.


It categorizes the number of errors which can be faced in a collection of the files present in library. This freeware will detect the number of errors and then it enlist it blow each category of error. All the categories are shown in the form of different icons. Every time you launch this tool it will scan the library folder for the iTunes and then it will you the new number of error under the categories. It will allow you to delete the duplicate copies and it will also tell you to allot the title name to many of the tracks which are title less or if they are not associated to any of the album.

Once you install this tool, you can launch this tool with the icon available on the desktop and then the application window will be similar to the one shown above in the snapshot. Where you will have to press the first option in the panel and the scanning of all the entries in the library will start and then as soon as this scanning completes then all the error will be categorized under different options as mentioned in the panel.The you can select the files to rate them, you can delete the duplicate copies or you can also remove the files which are not associated with any of the albums.

The size of this tool is around 2 Mb and it will take no time to get installed. Every time when you will launch it, it will take some time to scan the folders affiliated to the library of iTunes and then it will tell you about the changes which can be made in the library. So everytime you will launch this tool it will take some depending upon the size of your library and then hardware configuration of your system. This tool is expected to be compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been check with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

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