Repair Faulty Pixels Spots On LCD Monitor

If you have been using your system for a very long period of time, then you might have observed certain black or grey or some other colored spots on your screen. This generally happens when certain pixels on your monitor screen die and then they take any color. We have already reviewed certain tools which can be used to detect these spots and then fix them, some of them are Defect PX and Pixel Doctor. Today I will be reviewing the tool named as Pixel Repair.


As you can see the screenshot mentioned above, in the very first column you can choose different background colors on your screen to detect the dead spots on your screen. Once you have discovered all the dead spots on your screen, just remember the color of background on which you saw them and then in the second columns of the screen try to select the color combination of the tool in which you remembered all the colors for the dead spots.

Now once you have selected that combination of color just click that button Go. It will start a therapy to repair your dead spots, though the tool itself says that it might not repair all the dead pixels but then there will good chances that it might improve them. In that therapy it will keep on changing those colored screens again and again at a faster rate. Please do care about the warning that this tool mentions below the Go button in the screenshot, please do not stare at this flashy thing if you suffer from Seizures or have a family history of epilepsy.

After pressing Go button you will a flashy changing of colors in a small window, to run it into a full window mode you need to press F11 and when you want to come out of that flashy window, then you will again have to press that same key (F11) to make it in a window and then close it. The size of this tool is around 2 MBs and it has been tested on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition. Please click the link mentioned below to download this tool and let us know if you face any problem while using it.

Download Rizonesoft Pixel Repair

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