Reopen All Website Tabs In Internet Explorer After Restart, Close [All IE Versions]

There are many times when you may want to save all the tabs in which you have different website opened, this is easily possible in google chrome as it allows you to reopen all website tabs next time you start google chrome, moreover there are extensions like session buddy in google chrome which does let you save sessions.

In case of internet explorer, after IE7 had that option to open the already closed tabs when you close internet explorer with multiple tabs and windows, as shown in the image below.

open these tabs next time i open IE

but as it seems this feature has been removed from internet explorer since IE 8 version. Another way to save the session of all the tabs opened in internet explorer, is to save then under favorites by selecting the option which says add current tabs to favorites as shown in the image below.

save current tabs browsing session in ie

In order to regain all the previously opened tabs, you will need to open all the tabs individually from the favorite menu and this would be tedious if you have  lots of tabs saved into favorites. Another way to restore all the tabs which were opened last time in IE, is by selecting the option “Reopen Last Browsing Session” option in IE8. This feature can be used from the tools menu. After opening IE8, click on tools and select “Reopen Last Browsing Session” and this will restore your last browsing session.

reopen last opened tabs in IE

Another less recommended way to reopen or restore all the previous tabs in IE, can be done by killing the internet explorer process and next time it will automatically opened all the last opened tabs when you start it.

  1. Open two windows of IE8 (one should already be open as you are reading this ).
  2. Open multiple tabs on each window using different sites for each tab.
  3. Open Task Manager (read the following prior to performing the step)
  4. On the Application Tab right-click and end task on one of your IE windows.
    (Make sure you do not click on the close dialog for IE. Just end task again.)

  5. This should kill both your IE windows.

  6. Reopen IE and you should get the restore session dialog.
  7. Click restore and both windows and tabs should be restored.

Or you can install CRestart addon for internet explorer does its job by saving all the URLs of all your open IE browser windows and then restarting your system. Upon startup, it will automatically open a new browser window for each URL previously saved.

IESessions is another addon which can provide a much more practical and intuitive alternative, allowing you to quickly save your IE session. Simply click on the IESessions icon in the Internet Explorer toolbar or use Tools then IESessions from the file menu, then give your session a name (e.g. “Project A”) and save your session.

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