Rename Large Number Of Files In Folder With Some Criteria & Conditions

The name of the file plays a significant role in helping us to remember its contents. Mostly in offices where each department has several under-departments for example, there are two departments viz. Finance and marketing and they have their respective sub-departments with same name (lets say tax).

So in order to differentiate between the files of finance and marketing we have to name their sub-department files with prefixes. There will not be a single file for the department but around in dozens so renaming each file manually will take a long time so its better to use PowerRen 2000 which is a simple tool to  rename files in masses.

Powerren 2000 provides various easy to use options by which you can rename your files in masses in less time as well as with full satisfaction.

It provides mainly three options: Basic, Advanced and File Display. You just have to select the files which has to be renamed by browsing in the drives.


In Basic options, there are sub-options of ‘Change prefix’. It will add any prefix at beginning or end or you can even replace it. For example considering the same case you can add files finance and marketing for differentiating their files.

You can also use counter for files. For example, you have 5 files so you can start the counter from 1 and increment it by 1. You can specify up to what digit you want the counter to run in case of further addition of files in this section.

You can also change extension of the file if you want to.


In Advanced options, you have the option of removing spaces, brackets, tides or hyphens from the name of file. You can also remove a specific string or replace the one with yours. It also provides you the option of changing the letters to Lowercase, uppercase or keeping the first character uppercase in each word.


It brags about supporting ID3 tags but when you use this option, the software stops running and display this window.


The File display option provides the option of showing the type of files like hidden, read-only, archive and system. It also provides you the option of sorting the filename by name, extension and size.


Before applying all the changes to your file name, it offers the option of ‘Preview’ by which you can see how the name will appear  so if you like it you can apply it and if not you can make further changes.


Download PowerRen 2000

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