Rename Files In Batch As Per Different Criteria and Condition [Windows]

If you are addicted to download music, videos, seasons daily on your system then I am sure that arranging all the stuff systematically on your computer will be definitely a tedious task for you. Specially, when you download tracks of the same album from different sources or when you download episodes of the same series from different sources, then you will have to rename all of them to a certain criteria followed by you and this involves lots of time especially when you are doing them manually one by one. There are many ways to do it, you can take a help of the tools or you can do them manually but smartly. We will be discussing most of the tools and methods to do these.


One of such Portable tools is WildRename, you can use this tool to create a batch with all the settings option available in the application window and then execute them on a folder. As you can see the screenshot mentioned in the post below where all the major operations performing buttons have been boxed inside a red box. With an icon indicating ‘I’ can be used to change the lowercase names to Upper Case, similarly icon indicating ‘I’ can replace the Upper Case names with lower case names.


You can add or remove any text in between, in the starting or at the end of the names of the file with ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons. Once you click OK to any of the rules confirmed by you, it will be populated in the application window as mention in the screenshot, if you do not want to execute them or if they have been added by mistake then select them and click delete icon on the right of that pane, but if you want to use that particular rule in the future then you can uncheck it and it will not be executed to that folder.


All the setting selected above can be saved so that you can use them again and again, they will be saved in an XML format. Under the column of Starting Directory you will have to select the folder and then the operation will be executed on all the files under that folder. You can select the file under the column of file explorer and then you can see the preview of that filename at the right hand bottom corner.

Its UI is pretty simple that’s why we preferred this tool over the others, you can perform the same and some extra functionalities with the tool named ‘Bulk rename Utility’, as observed from the screenshot it has got pretty complex UI and moreover it is not portable, but on the other hand it will provide you a feature to change the time stamp for when the file was created and modified. You can take a look at the screenshot mentioned below where I have added a prefix as ‘metallica’ and the date on the suffix of the file names.



Apart from using these tools you can also edit the files in a serial pattern by the default procedure of renaming them (available in Windows). Please follow the steps mentioned below:-

Select all the files as mentioned below and right on any of them to go to the context menu.


Then enter the major part of the name as all the other files will have the same ‘major name’ followed by a number as their suffix.



WildRename has been tested on Windows 7 32-bit ultimate edition and it has a size of around 650 KB. Please let us know if you face any problem while any of the methods or tools mentioned above.

Download WildRename

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