Rename, Change iPhone Apps Icons Text On Home Screen [ For Jailbroken iPhones ]

I have been using iPhone for more than two years now, it’s a great phone and nice smart device. One of he most interesting things about iPhone is that there is no ending limit to optimize or personalize iphone as you can personalize it to more greater level once you jailbreak it.

Follow the procedure below to change the text below the iphone apps icons on any iphone home screen.

1. Open cydia app on your iphone and find the app named Icon Renamer


2. Install this app, and now exit from cydia once app is installed, it will restart the springboard on your iphone after installation.

3. Now touch any app icon and do not remove your finger from the screen, till the icons start giggling as shown in the image below.


4. Now tap the app icon whose text you want to change or rename, it will show a textbox where you give a new name and click apply after entering the new name.


5. Once you have applied, you will see the same iphone app icon with the new name you have just given as for example is shown in the image below.


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