Remove Windows Live Messenger – My Sharing Folder In My Computer In XP

Different programs can cause different changes to your computer, but some of the changes you may not like. When you install windows live messenger on your computer it will create a web shortcut under My Computer in windows xp.


In order to remove these My Sharing Folders icon from my computer, follow the procedure given below

First you need to know the complete version number of windows live messenger you have installed on your computer.

1. Open Live Messenger and go to Help >> About Windows Live Messenger ( you will a window like one shown below )


2. Run the following command in run prompt on xp – and substitute you full version number here

regsvr32 -u “%PROGRAMFILES%\MSN Messenger\fsshext.14.0.8064.206.dll

3. If you put it right, it will display the confirmation dialog saying DllUnregisterServer in C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\fsshext.14.0.8064.206.dll succeeded.”

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