Remove Useless Drivers Files Of Uninstalled Drivers With Driver Sweeper

Driver Sweeper is a free to use program which allows you to remove the useless left files after uninstalling the corresponding drivers from your computer, its really a heck to remove these left over files of the uninstalled drivers. This way you can remove these drivers left over files which may cause problems in the stability of the operating system as well as the startup.


As shown in the screenshot shown above you just need to run the program and then select the drivers files you would like to remove and click the Clean at the bottom right end of the application interface.

Another Hidden Features Of This Program

This small program also allows you to save the desktop icons layout and positions which you can revert back later if you position of icons changes due to any reason like resolution change.


Download Driver Sweeper and clean removed driver files from your computer

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  1. says

    thanks for the little utility program, its always good to get rid of files that we don’t need, and removing those unused driver files can also speed up the over all system…

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