Remove, Stop Running Programs, Apps To Show Up In Taskbar [ Windows 7 ]

Windows 7 is the most popular Windows which is integrated with lots of new and innovative features. One of the awesome feature of Windows 7 is the taskbar. You might be knowing that Windows 7 have options to pin any item in taskbar and aero peek 3D affects adds more to its looks. As usual all the application which you run shows in taskbar.

But just in case you want to run any application and doesn’t want it to appear in your taskbar for privacy, then unfortunately there is no possible way using internal Windows options. So for this, you can use a tool named WinVisible. WinVisible is a freeware tool which allows you to hide the icon of any of the running application from your Windows 7 taskbar.

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This is a very light weight utility and it will even help you in providing privacy as no one roaming around your PC would be able to see the opened applications on your desktop. So at the main window, this tool will show all the name of all the processes that are currently running on your system. It will even show the title and ID of every process.

Now as you can see above the Status of every process is visible. This means that every application running on your system is visible from your taskbar. Now if you want to make any of the particular process invisible, then just click on checkbox given across that particular process. Then simply close this tool.

Now to hide icons of that particular application, just type command Shift+Alt+H. You will see all those icons gets invisible from your taskbar. However you can work on all those applications as usual.

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So similarly you can hide any of the running application. When you want to work on it, just press Shift+Alt+S And then this tool will instantly show you those invisible applications. You can even change the Hotkeys for making applications visible or invisible. Click on options and then you will see the following window.

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From this General options you can customize the general settings related to this tool like you can make this tool automatically run as you boot up your system or you can make this tool to automatically check for updates and even make it always hidden in the system tray. Now for changing the hotkeys, click on Hotkeys given at top bar of the Window.

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So from here you can change combinations for hiding and displaying the desired process. In nutshell, this tool will help you a lot in keeping the privacy of your application window so that no one roaming around you in home or in office, can see what all applications have you opened.

The size of this nifty utility is just 490 Kb and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to access this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the editions of Windows 7 and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download WinVisible

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