Remove, Stop Gmail Labels With Subject Of Emails In Inbox

In case of gmail, you might see labels on the left of the subject of the mails in your inbox, labels in gmail can be considered as folders in which you can categorize mails from different sources and conditions with the help of filters rules you create in your gmail account.

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As you can see in the image above, labels appear before the subject of this mail. If you are annoyed to see these labels before the subject of the mails you can remove them or stop them to show up before subject of the mails, follow the procedure below to know how.

1. Login to your gmail account

2. Once you are logged in, go to gmail account settings by clicking the settings link shown at the top right corner

12-21-2010 10-26-01 PM 

3. Under gmail account settings – click Labs and scroll down to locate Hide Labels from subjects

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4. Select the enable radio box and click Save changes button at the bottom of the page to make this setting come into effect.

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