Remove Startup Programs, Apps In Windows 8 With New Task Manager

Windows 8 have got lot more new features, if you are like to read in detail, read our feature tour here. The most talked new feature of windows 8 is the start screen, which you can control using the keyboard shortcut guide here.

Just like most of other tools in windows 8, task manager has been enhanced to get more features and new look, it has got two type of interface one simple showing the apps running as shown in the image below.

windows 8 task manager 

Another more detailed task manager is shown when you click more details as shown in the image below.

end task windows 8 task manager

Moreover task manager has got new tab called startup, where you can see the startup programs running which you can easily disable from running or block them to run next time you start or boot windows 8 as shown in the image below.

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