Remove Recommended For You Grey Bar At Youtube While Watching Recommended Videos

If you go to on the top of the page you might see section of videos Recommended for you – if you decide to watch any of the video among the recommended ones you might see a grey recommended for you bar at the bottom of the page which will suggest you to watch more related videos,  it could be useful but unfortunately most of the users get annoyed by this grey suggested youtube videos bar at the bottom of the page.


In order to remove the recommend bar on youtube recommended videos, you can install this userscript in google chrome browser or install this google chrome extension called Youtube Subscription Bar and Autoplay Remover  or else you can remove the youtube URL starting from &playnext=0 till the end, delete it and then press Enter with the remaining URL in the address bar as shown in the image below.


[ Source – HowToGeek ]

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