Remove Programs Which Make Computer Boot Slow

We will be reviewing today a tool, which is very important specially for the users who do not have a good anti-virus at their home. As this tool will take care of all the application which start with the system. Many a times it happens that your system automatically shuts down, this may happen due to some other reason but maximum probability for this cause seems to be the virus attack, the virus automatically starts up with the system and thus it makes your system to shut down, but this tools will not let that happen as it will keep a regular check on all the startup applications.

This tool will have a check on all the application which start automatically when the system starts, after enlisting then together, your confirmation will be required to mark their status as OK, so in future it will not display any unknown status for those applications. This tool is little bit less User Friendly but the features are good enough to ignore this loop hole.


As you can see in the snapshot that on the left hand side all the tools are enlisted which start on the startup and in front of them UNKNOWN is marked. This means that till now we have not marked the status of that application. Once you click on the name of that application a separate window will appear which will show you the option to mark it OK.


Whenever you will start your system, all the unmarked application which will start up with system will be detected by that tool and then everytime it will ping you whenever it detects such application. Under the settings option you can change that tool to stop showing the notifications if it is annoying you. Once you mark any tool as OK or unknown, it will added in your database. It will be continuously running in the background with a small icon the tray of the taskbar.

The size of this freeware is around 1.5 Mb and it will take no time to get installed. It will work like an anti-virus on your system which will be taking care of all the application which start up with your system. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition. I hope that you will like this tool, so Use it n Enjoy!!!!

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