Remove or hide the arrow on the shortcuts in windows vista

In order to remove shortcut arrow in vista there can be 2 ways to do it, either you apply the registry hack to do it or you can use the free utility called Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover which lets you remove the shortcut arrow very easily as compared to the registry hack and it is safe also. There is very simple registry trick behind removing the arrow from the shortcuts in windows vista, By following the procedure below you will be able to hide or remove the arrow displayed with the shortcuts in windows vista.

Method 1 : Step By Step Procedure : [ Registry Hack ]

If you want to remove the shortcut arrow with registry hack, read the method 1 here which involves the registry hack. Revert the procedure to get the arrow again on the shortcuts.If you have any problems in implementing it leave a comment here.

Method 2 : With Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover


Download Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover


  1. Sumit says

    hey as Pras mentioned…
    i too like win + l shortcut much better.. n dis is all new to me…
    thanks for dat………

  2. Technical Gadget says

    Please please please, stop telling people that this is how you remove the shortcut links.
    The IsShortcut is used by other parts of windows and by removing or renaming it will result in missing “Favourite Links” in windows explorer, amongst an exciting array of other problems.
    Go get this link which contains a blank icon overlay with which the included registry modify will point windows to when it tries to display the shortcut arrow, or overlay. This way, no one will experience any of the cons of doing it the basic “shortcut” way… excuse the pun.
    Full article
    Happy days.

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