Remove or Hide Left Side Menu In Google Search Results

We have already written some ways to hide the new left side search options in google search, today we came across another cool google chrome addon which lets you do the same with a toggle effect. It allows to toggle the visibility of left side everything bar [ search options bar ] on the google search results page.

This addon lets you show or hide the new side bar menu added by Google on the left side. It adds a conveniently placed link directly under the logo to remove or add the left column tools menu.

Here are two snapshots below

One with google left sidebar search options visible with google search results


This one below with hidden left sidebar search options in google search results


Hide/Show Left Column Bar [ Google Chrome Extension ]


  1. David Rubin says

    If you use firefox, check out my addon which hides the left menu but preserves its functionality via a hover menu.
    Google Search Tab Remover 1.04

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