Remove or Delete Annoying Toolbars In Browsers

Many times when you install different programs, some of them might come bundle with adware, spyware toolbar and even some of these program install some other non adware toolbar like yahoo toolbar, google toolbar etc. If you don’t use these toolbar they might just waste space in your internet browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox

Multi Toolbar remover is freeware program which allows you to  to remove the toolbars of your choice from your computer.


As shown in the image above, it can remove following toolbars from your computer.

1. Google Toolbar and QuickSearchBox
2. Yahoo! Toolbar
3. AOL Toolbar
4. AOL Radio Toolbar
5. AOL News Toolbar
6. AOL Email Toolbar
7. AOL Talk Talk Toolbar
8. Comcast Toolbar
9. ASK Toolbar

Download Multi Toolbar Remover

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