Remove New Floating Fixed Facebook Toolbar

Facebook is the most popular social networking website in the world right now. And now a days Facebook is continuously coming out new features and functionalities to give a fresh look and feel to the users . Earlier also Facebook came up with many new feature and functionalities to keep the website new and refreshing like the chat bar that which came out a few months back which wasn’t liked by some users so it also had an option to hide itself. If you don’t like the new chat bar you had the option to hide the new chat bar using the options available you.  Then Facebook came up the annoying ticker on the top right hand corner which shows you the continuous updates about your friends. The ticker was also not like by some of the Facebook Fans. And this time Facebook has come up with a floating Facebook Toolbar. Now the Facebook toolbar instead of being fixed at the top will also move down as you will scroll down the page . But now there is no reason to worry as there is a solution to your problem an extension named Unannoying from Google Chrome will make your Facebook as you liked it before the updates of moving toolbar.

Unannoying is a Facebook extension for Google Chrome Browser. Once you will install this application in your browser and then login into your Facebook account and the annoying floating Facebook toolbar will not be there.

Fb 2

This is how Your Facebook Page will open, when you will scroll to the bottom of the window also as you can see in the above image you can see the Facebook toolbar at the top of the window still there. This is a nice feature from Facebook however for some people who don’t want their Facebook to change can install the Google Chrome Extension.

Fb 2

After you will install the thumbnail your floating Facebook toolbar will be removed. Facebook will restart in the old style and all the new changes that are introduced by Facebook will be disabled by this Google Chrome extension. The extension will make three important changes to your Facebook appearance i.e. the Facebook toolbar will be fixed now so it will not stick with the browser as you will scroll down, the updates coming in the ticker box continuously is now hidden and updates ticker box coming in the chat box is also removed.

Download Unannoying Google Chrome Extension.

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