Remove, Hide or Disable Peek At Desktop Button In Windows 7 Taskbar

May 10, 20101 Comment

Windows 7 has a great feature introduced called Aero Desktop Peek – which allows you to see the desktop files just by pressing the Window Key + Space on the keyboard when there are so many programs opened and you cannot see the files on the desktop the other way. There is also a peek at desktop button added to the extreme right of windows 7 taskbar, if you take your mouse on that button it will show you the desktop files in the same way.


Some windows users who are not liking that peek desktop button in taskbar, show desktop can be easily done by pressing the window key + space button on keyboard. But now you can remove this peek at desktop button or show desktop button on windows 7 taskbar with the help of a small utlity.

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7 Show Desktop Button Remover is a free to use utility which allows you to removes the show desktop button in Windows 7.



This is portable application which means in order to use it, you don’t need to install it – Click Remove Show Desktop Button to remove the show desktop or peek at desktop button in the right extreme end of the windows 7 taskbar. Here is how your windows 7 taskbar will look like after removing the peek desktop button as shown in the image below.


Download Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover

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  1. Icy says:

    Too bad the remover still leaves that space where the icon SHOULD be.

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