Remove, Hide Entries In Start Menu All Programs

We have been posting many utilities to maintain the privacy of your system. The tools can be used to hide the documents, get access through the passwords only or many more solutions. But these are all solutions for the documents. What if you want to secure your softwares? What if you don’t want to share the softwares present in your system with your peers? These all things are faced by us from day to day life. The problem has expanded because of the start menu all programs options in Windows 7. You just have to enter the required software’s name and all the related results will be displayed. So, today I would like to introduce a new software Start Menu All Programs Remover.

Start Menu All Programs Remover is a very small freeware of 234 KB only. So, you can download it very fast. It is a portable utility. The freeware is very easy to use. Just one click and you don’t have to worry about it any more. The user interface has been shown in the snapshot below.


Click on Remove “All Programs” and the start menu list will be cleared. Now, no one can know which all are the softwares, you are currently working on. All the programs are not actually removed but gone to the hidden state. So, that no one view them when you don’t want them to view. But the actual purpose of the start menu all programs list will be diluted. You may think that everytime you have to enter the name to reuse that software. No. it is not like that. Simply, click on Show “All Programs” to get back the list.

So, now you can easily switch between the two options: when you want to display the start menu all programs list and on the other hand when you want to hide it.the complete privacy of your softwares will be maintained. The freeware will be highly beneficial when you are working on a private project and the related software. Specially, if you need to share your system with others it is a must to hide all your personal data as well as the softwares. The access to any such software may also result in theft of the same which might be harmful to you in near future. So, better is to follow the preventive measures in advance only.

The freeware has been specifically designed for Windows 7.

Download Start Menu All Programs Remover

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