Remove GPS Data, EXIF Tags, Hidden Information In A Picture, Photo

Now a day’s we frequently post our photos online in any social networking website or an online album for sharing. But sometimes while sharing photos you can also share the information that is linked with the photos in the form of metadata of the image. For instance if you take a picture with your mobile there is a chance that the picture contains the information about the location of the picture. If the picture is shot with your camera it may contain information about Date and time of picture. But now i have got an application named FileMind QuickFix, which will solve your problem by removing the metadata information attached to the picture.

The application will help you to remove the location information, date and time information of when the picture was taken stored in EXIF tags, other metadata information such as Copyright stored in Iptc and XMP tags. The application will also help you to remove the previews that are embedded in the image. This application will also remove any hidden information associated with your images. The software is very simple and easy to use and removes all the tags and information associated with a picture at a single click.

FileMindQuickFix 1

This is the first window that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The tool is also known as Metadata Scrubber used to remove all the metadata tags from the photos. The tool contains four tab option Files, Settings, Log and About. The Add button on the top left hand corner of the software is used to add the photos to the tool. The Remove button is located just to the right of the Add button which is used to remove the selected  photos that were added with the help of the Add button. The photos can be added to this tool simply by doing a drag and drop into the software window. After adding the photos to the software you can remove the metadata tags from it by pressing on the button Quick Fix Metadata, which will remove all the metadata tags.

FileMindQuickFix 2

The Settings tab has only one option i.e. a Checkbox to Save original File which can be checked or unchecked as per our requirement. If we will check this option then the original file will not be overwritten. If we will uncheck this option then the original files will be overwritten with the modified scrubbed files.

Download  FileMind QuickFix.

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