Remove, Delete Voicemail Icon Tab From iPhone Phone Dialer Keypad

If you are an iphone user, you might have seen the useless voicemail tab in iphone dialer screen which you use to dial a phone number. Those you are using iphone outside US specially here in india don’t use the voice mail features mostly. So, the voicemail tab becomes useless and ineffective for many of us.

NoVoiceMail which is a free to install and use app in cydia to completely remove VoiceMail from It will only be useful for those who don’t use voice mail button frequently & annoyed by mistakenly pressing it while dialing numbers.


Once NoVoiceMail is installed, you will see the Voicemail tab removed from iphone keypad dialer screen as you can see the difference in the image below.


You will find NoVoiceMail on cydia under BigBoss repository this app comes for free and quite useful for many iphone users. 

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