Remove, Delete or Uninstall Ask Toolbar Completely

Ask Toolbar is one of the most annoying toolbar, which comes bundled with many free softwares if you just install the software without reading what is there on each installation wizard, you probably see ask toolbar on your computer. Once installed it automatically integrates with Internet browsers installed on your computer.

We have already written some tips on how to remove unwanted toolbars from your computer including ask toolbar removal, and some other tools like Multi Toolbar Remover and Toolbar Uninstaller

What Does Ask Toolbar Do ?

The toolbar is also known to increase web browser loading times, and memory use. Furthermore, the Ask toolbar installer often sets the computer’s homepage to Removing the Ask toolbar will have no ill-effects on your web browsing.

Here is another freeware utlity called Ask Toolbar Remover which is specially designed to remove ask toolbar completely from all the browsers including firefox, internet explorer etc and reset your home page from to


It removes the ask toolbar in following steps

  • Checks for the uninstaller
  • Executes the Uninstaller with the silent switch set
  • Removes the Install directory for that toolbar (as the uninstallers are not always complete)

After checking, it checks for “ask” in your IE homepage URL, and if founds sets your IE homepage to

Download Ask Toolbar Remover


  1. Jake Ruseau says

    Are you kidding me? You are advising your readers on how to remove unwanted programs by installing yet another unwanted program? Surely there are a WHOLE LOT better ways to remove ask toolbar and this is certainly one of the worst ways.

    Monetizing your site is great, you just have to keep a balance on giving infos that arent misleading.

    Hope this helps you out in the future posts.

    -Jake R.

  2. abhishek says

    you can always remove any program you want, once its purpose is over for you- i hope you got my point here

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