Remove, Delete or Eliminate Dead Tracks In iTunes Library

There are times when you may delete or remove songs from your hard disk for any reason, In such cases these deleted songs become dead tracks in iTunes, In order to remove a dead track, just go to music library in iTunes, select the dead track and right click and then select delete.

But if these dead tracks are large in numbers it would be quite difficult to remove them all one by one like this, Today will we tell you some freeware softwares which can help you remove these dead tracks quite easily.

There are two useful tools you can use to remove dead tracks from iTunes Music Library, both of these tools and their functions has been described further.

1. Dupe Eliminator is a nice tool which lets you find and remove duplicate and dead tracks from iTunes Music Library. It isn’t free, but it does have a 30 day free trial which should be long enough to clean your iTunes library.


Some Other Key Features

Smart Search: Smart searching allows you to precisely specify criteria for duplicates so that you never end up deleting something you wanted to save. AutoClean Mode: Automatically clean your iTunes library without lifting so much as a finger.

Scheduled Search: Define a schedule for Dupe Eliminator to check your iTunes library when your at work, sleeping… whenever you want. Audiobook Support: Eliminate your audiobook dupes.

Dead Tracks Eliminator: Get rid of those pesky tracks that never seem to play, as well as the “phantom” tracks that show up in your library but don’t actually exist on your hard drive.

Determine what you want to keep: Like having more than one track of a certain song? You can keep whatever you like, and you can specify which file stays as the original and which one is marked as the duplicate.

UnDelete: If you make a mistake, then use UnDelete to restore the removed track(s) back to iTunes.

2. Another freeware alternative which lets you remove or delete dead tracks in iTunes is Teridon’s iTunes Scripts – These scripts are quite old but they still work, as we just tested these scripts with iTunes 9.

In order to run these scripts, run the executable and then select the desired script [ press ctrl+ mouse click to multiple script ] and then click the button Run selected script

Teridon's iTunes Scripts

Once you click the button run selected scripts, just follow the on screen instructions shown up in a separate command window. We hope atleast one of the software will work in your case, in case none of the above programs works for you do let us know.

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