Remove, Delete MSOCache, Bootex.log, Config.msi & Other Temp Files With Aero OneClean

With the increasing use of Internet nowadays, the users forget about the unwanted and temp files that are continuously being stored on the user’s system while accessing the internet. It simply wastes your hard disk space. So, it becomes very necessary to get rid of such files by deleting them time-to-time. But users find it quite difficult and complex to locate these files and then to remove them. For this we recommend you one of the tool which can automatically do this task on your behalf.

Aero OneClean is a small, simple, powerful and very useful tool which is available free and which automatically cleans up your PC from unwanted and temporary files. It simply removes those unwanted temporary files without taking much of the time and cleans up your hard disk. It shows all the areas in the form of a list which can be cleaned automatically and thus it saves the space.


As we know, till now either users don’t use any such kind of cleansing tool or if they uses then majority of them prefer CCleaner to get rid of those unwanted files which might be present in the form of browser history and other temporary files. But, similar to those features Aero OneClean is another tool that offers CCleaner like cleaning capabilities. After installing the application what you need to do is to just configure and save its settings once in selecting items to clean. Once you save those settings then enery time you run Aero OneClean it will clean temporary files in your Computer automatically by displaying the information about files being deleted.

It simply allows you to select the folders which you want to clean like temp, log files, recycle bin and other unwanted files. Once selected, it will perform the operation with just a single click of a mouse. Similar to this, you can also add your own folders to this list using the options in the form of custom folders, which you want to be cleaned. When you add folders, any files in these will be automatically cleaned when you run the app.

Apart from cleaning temporary files and other junk files as mentioned earlier, it also has one unique feature which makes it quite useful and different from the tools of its like. This feature is that it removes MSOCache which belongs to Microsoft Office installed in your Computer which normally takes up large space and many users are totally unaware of this.

So, you can just download it from the below given link and you will find this tool easy and yet very powerful in use. It will clean up all the junk files from your system which will also result in lowering the load of your Ram and thus making your system lot faster.

Download Aero OneClean

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