Remove, Delete Google Homepage Background Image

Google released a cool new feature on the google search home page where you can set a image background from your computer or from web on the google search home page, this feature looks cool but not many people wants to see a background image on the google search home page they would rather let remain clean and white as by default.

12-22-2010 1-33-56 PM

I love this feature personally, but if you want to delete google home page background image, follow the procedure below.

Since the launch of this feature, google has made it very easy to remove the background image as you just need to click a small link at the left bottom corner which says Remove Background Image as shown in the image below.

12-22-2010 1-35-52 PM

Just as you click this link, google background image will get removed and will not appear again on any computer where you visit google search.

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