Remove, Delete Files In Recycle Bin After Some Days

You must have faced problems while managing the deleted files. It is difficult as we cannot see their properties in recycle bin and sometimes while working with system where we have two versions of windows installed (like Windows Vista and Windows 7), we can delete only those files which are present on the working OS but not those files which are present on other OS. No need to worry now because with the help of a freeware named as RecycleBinEx you can not only manage you deleted files but also delete the files from anywhere on your regardless of the OS you are using.


As you can see from the first snapshot that the list of all the deleted are available with the specifications like the drive from which they are deleted, the date and time of deletion, their exact location and their name. You can arrange all these on the basis of the specifications mentioned above. You can also find any file which is present in the huge heap of files in recycle bin with the help of Filter content bar present at the top of the application window.


It also has some features under the ‘option’ window of this tool. you can enable or disable any one of them as per your convenience. You can make this toll start every time when your system starts, you can also create a timer for all the deleted files in other words you can let the tool automatically delete them permanently from the system after a certain period of time.

You can add this tool in the context menu of the recycle bin and then there will be no need to start it from any other shortcut. This tool will also check for the updates automatically and then it will let you know about any updates available on internet. The best thing about this tool is that it also supports the command line feature so can give any command like ‘remove all the items 5 days ago’ and then it will act accordingly by remove the items which are deleted 5 days ago.

This tool can also delete the files from the other version of Windows which is already installed on your system but you are not working on it. This features has been checked by me as i have only Windows 7 on my system. Despite all these amazing features this tool is a freeware and it is also portable with the size of 1.19Mb.

This tool will add all these above mentioned extra features to your recycle which will overcome all your problems while dealing with the deleted files. This tool is compatible with all the version of windows as it has been checked with Windows7 Ultimate 32-bit edition.

Download RecycleBinEx

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