Remove, Delete Columns In Posts or Any Section In WordPress Admin Control Interface

Recently I installed certain plugins on my wordpress blog, which added certain columns in post section under the control panel on the wordpress interface. Because of the new columns which were added under all posts section which list all the posts it was difficult to manage and read the full title of the posts, things became more crazy because of these useless new columns.


I decided to remove these new columns so that it looks more simple. Under wordpress admin interface of any blog, any sections which displays any things as list or even the welcome dashboard of any blog allows you to remove the specific items from the screen which you don’t want to get displayed. So, in order to remove any specific column you will need to click the screen options [ make sure you have the latest version of wordpress if you don’t see this options ] as shown in the image below. delete posts columns in wordpress

As you can see in the image above, you can easily uncheck those columns which you don’t want to display in posts section or any other section of wordpress control panel interface and then click Apply button to save changes, you can also increase or decrease the number of items or posts shown which is by default 20.

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