Remove Cannot Be Removed Program From Add / Remove Programs With ARP++

We have already written some tips like how to Remove Invalid Entries From Add Remove Program, 3 Free Uninstallers To Remove Unwanted Programs and we all know it happens to many of the programs which you try to remove but end up not getting uninstalled through add remove programs in windows due to uninstaller not found or some other reason like corruption of registry entries. Here is the free program called ARP++ which will allow you to uninstall programs which cannot be removed from or may not even appear in the Windows Add Remove Programs


[ click the above image to enlarge ]

The usage of the program is very simple you just need to select the program which you want to remove and click the remove button at the bottom of the application interface. More over you may not get prompt to confirm your selection [but depends on the application program you are removing ], so be sure before clicking remove button

Download ARP++ Installer | ARP++ Portable Version


  1. cesar says

    my computer have no sound after installing a windows xp.when i downloading a realtek soundcard driver connot continue downloading my computer was shutdown what cause of downloading why my computer restart.

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