Remove Author, Place Where Picture Taken & More From Photos

You must have observed that in some of the cameras whenever you snap an image, you will see the date at one of the corner of the photograph. Similarly, some of the cameras store information which can be something more than a date, like the location at which the photograph was taken or any other information, which sometimes you might not want to share with your friends. Then the question arises that how you can delete this data form any of your image, the answer is simple and we will tell you about it in this post.

All the iPhones and Android phones which are equipped with a GPS system, tend to note the location where the image was taken, they might note down the exact address of that location. They also store the date on which the photograph was snapped and then some of the information related to the performance of your camera. All this information is stored in a type of format, known as EXIF Exchangeable Image Format, now if you do not want any of the information with anyone then it can be easily deleted by following the tutorial mentioned below.

  • Right click on the image and go to properties, you will see a window opened in front of you, similar to that mentioned in the video below.


  • Now click the Details on that windows, you can see an option highlighted in the screenshot.


  • If you want to delete all the EXIF data, then just click that link and then you will see another windows similar to the one mentioned below. If you want to create the back up of that file with all that personal information then there is no need to change the radio button option or else you can change it, and then click Ok.


That’s it, the job has been done and now all the EXIF data available on the image file has been deleted. If you face any issue while working with this tutorial then please let us know about it.

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