Remove and Delete Annoying Adware Toolbars From Your PC With Toolbar Uninstaller

Many of friends have some crappy and adware toolbars installed on their computers, when I ask them about these toolbars they have no idea how these toolbars gets installed. Normally when people install various softwares which have these toolbar integrated with the software installer they just blindly click next and next button without reading what else they installing with the software.


In order to remove any toolbar installed just install and run this small program and select those toolbars which you want to remove, click the arrow symbol button to move the toolbar under the delete list [Toolbar To Delete]

Note: We would suggest to terminate or close Firefox, Internet Explorer and other browsers installed on your computer when you run the above program.

You can white list, blacklist some browsers out of all the toolbars detected by this tool, like some of the toolbar which you have installed yourself like google toolbar and other useful toolbars and configure options like create log files etc under options.


We have also written a specific tutorial on how to get rid of the popular ask toolbar from your computer, but the this small program is much simpler to use and it allows to remove vast number of crappy adware toolbars.

The following is a list the toolbars can be detected and removed.

Internet Explorer
* Google Toolbar
* FearFM Toolbar
* MyWebSearch

* Google Toolbar
* Yahoo Toolbar
* Alexa Toolbar
* Skype Toolbar
* Groowebar
* Coolstreaming Toolbar
* Stumbleupon Toolbar
* MX5 Club Toolbar
* Facebook Toolbar
* NetCraft Toolbar
* FearFM Toolbar
* McAfee SiteAdvisor
* eBay Toolbar
* Firefox Companion for eBay
* Clustybar
* ChaCha Toolbar
* Ask Toolbar
* IMVU Toolbar
* Oracle DBA Toolbar
* RankQuest SEO Toolbar
* RPoints Toolbar for Firefox
* Okapiland Search Toolbar
* Search Toolbar
* BigSite Toolbar
* Metawishlist Toolbar
* H*R Toolbar
* Kai3 Toolbar
* Toolbar
* The Music Hutch Toolbar
* Slavehack Toolbar
* PimpFish Basic Toolbar
* Quiz Addicts’ Toolbar
* Vertippdich Search Toolbar
* BlinkList Toolbar
* BanglaCricket Toolbar
* Faved Toolbar
* Neopets Toolbar
* Radio Paradise Toolbar
* AOL Toolbar
* [Unofficial] MySpace Toolbar
* Renkoo Toolbar
* WordLearner Toolbar
* ToolbarMS (The MySpace) Toolbar
* Toolbar
* BzPower Toolbar
* Shaastra Toolbar
* Monalo Toolbar
* Toolbar
* The AustLII Toolbar
* eMusic Toolbar
* Cypher Toolbar
* Torrent Finder Toolbar

it has the option to update the program to detect more new toolbars, you can update the program under options.

Download Toolbar Uninstaller


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