Remote Network Surveillance Watcher

A system administrator always needs a tool to check the type and amount of data being transferred on the network by various systems connected under him. So, the tool used by him should be reliable. portable and easily available and all these features are available with Remote Network Watcher. This tool will alert you about any fault or error in the regular flow of the network by having a consistent check on the data flow on your network.


As you can see from the above snapshot that the it is describing everything which is related to you system and other systems connected to your network. The types of connectivity has classified under three colored monitors.

  • When the system is connect to a host on the internet but no data is being exchanged from that then, this connectivity is shown by black color monitor.
  • When the system is not connect to internet or if there is some disconnection at hardware then this connectivity is shown by red color monitor.
  • When the system is connected and the data is being exchanged from both the sides then that connectivity is shown by green color monitor.


All the connection status will be accompanied by a tooltip which will elaborate the information about that connection.

Similarly a graph is also shown at the right-bottom of the screen which will show that how long a connection reacted as red, black or green monitor. So, if any other computer under your network has logged to a website then you can read with the help of this tool that for how long it was connected to that website, whether the connection was stable or not, the type of protocols used for this connection, the name and IP address of that website and many more information can be easily attained.


And even if you want to ignore or remove your surveillance from any of the connection, then you remove that connection from the list of remote network watcher. You don’t have to change your application window again and again, all the information will be available in a single window but you can add or remove any useful or useless information by clicking on the options available in the menu bar.

With such a huge list of features this tool has a size of 11.827 kb. It is compatible with all the versions of windows but it has been checked on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition.

Download Remote Network Watcher

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