Logout Someone Logged In Your Facebook Account Remotely [ Facebook Security ]

So, Facebook announces a great news for the security of the users account. Really it is a sigh of relief as from now onwards you will be able to see the last activity which was done from your account and not only this you will also be able to see the place and location from which your account was accessed last time. Now whenever you login into your account and you become suspicious about something which is not general and it has been done using your account then now you will able to seek the information related to time and location from where your account was accessed last time.


Usually users have the habit to leave their account without logging out. They simple quit the browser or they just switch off their system without realizing that their session has not ended yet. Especially when you mark the check-box “Keep Me Logged in”, then it is mandatory that you should logout manually when you are closing your system or leaving your system. But if that box is unchecked then it might happen that on closing the browser you may get logged out.

So next time whenever you log into the system of your friend or log into any system at cyber cafe then please do not forget to log out from your account manually. But if you do forget to do it, then you can see that session details when you log into your account from another place. If you find that your account is still being accessed from somewhere else, then you can remotely log out that session and then change the password, which will restrict the hijacker to log into your account again from that password.

Jake Brill, a product manager for Facebook’s site integrity team, told .CNET that whenever anyone else takes charge of your account, then it becomes a problem as now your account becomes a part of foul play. Even i would personally appreciate this effort of Facebook to look into the matter for the security of the user accounts as from onwards cheap tricks like phishing and other hacking craps will be useless for the Facebook account.

This security feature involves a different login page which will include sending of SMS or e-mail, whenever your account will be accessed from the new device or from a new IP address. So, this social networking website is becoming more socialized and I hope that now user can rely on this social networking website: Facebook.


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