Reminds You To Remove USB Drive Plugged Into Computer At Shutdown

USB Drive is one of the important and commonly used medium to carry data from one system to another or from one place to another. But, while using the system in the internet cafes many of the users might use USB pen drives for carrying the data along with them that they have crawled and downloaded from the web. But as soon as the user finishes the work, he may directly shutdown the system and may forget to take out the USB pen drive. This may lead to threat to the confidential data that may be present in the pen drive.

In order to prevent oneself from such situation, one may use the newly launched tool which can easily solve this issue for the user. USB Alert is a small, simple, freeware and a very smart tool, which reminds the user to take out the USB drives from the system, before shutting down the system. So, while using some other system that may be in office, a friend’s computer or even in an internet café, just start this smart application as soon as you insert the USB pen drive and it will remind you before you shutdown the PC.


As shown in the above screen shot, as soon as you launch this small app, you will be able to see all the USB drives that are connected to the system at that point of time. It will keep a check whether all the connected drives has been removed or if they are still attached to the PC. It will remind you about the connected drive by alerting you with sounds and will also display a pop-up window where it lists your removable devices in case you are shutting down the system before removing them.


In order to make full use of this small app, you have to download it from the below given link and after downloading just copy USB Alert portable contents to root of the USB Pen drive that you want to use in other systems also. After pasting the data to the drive just remove your Pen drive and then try to connect it again for testing purpose. As soon as you connect it, autorun window pops up with one more option added to the list this time. This option is present to run the tool i.e. USB Alert. Just by clicking on that option, you will allow the USB Alert to start scanning the system for all the connected USB drives and it will remain active until you locks or log off or shutdown your system.


So, in this way you can make sure that every time you are reminded about the USB pen drive before shutting down the system. Download this small and smart app from the below given link and try it out.

Download USB Alert

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