Reminder In Windows To Eject USB Pen Drive

You may have experienced it many times that you often forget to remove your USB Flash drive or USB stick from a computer system on shutdown. If this is your personal computer, then it doesn’t make much difference but if you are sharing the system in your friend’s house or if you are using the computer in some cyber cafe then it definitely may become dangerous to leave your important data which may be present in the USB. This may happen due to several reasons, one of them may be that some of these USB devices are that small that it is easy to forget them when shutting down a computer which may cause issues for the user privacy as may be user have important data stored on the stick or drive like a password manager with all the account passwords which may be very dangerous, or documents that are important for work or study or some other important data.

So, the problem which may occur here is that it is very likely that someone else will eventually spot the drive or key and take it with them. So, for such scenarios, we here present you a small utility which can serve this purpose and help you out in such scenarios. Although, earlier also we have discussed some of the similar utilities but still this one has several distinct features which makes it different from them.


Free USB Guard is basically a small, easy to use and useful program that checks for all the connected USB devices on system power changes. So, if the program founds any device, it will notify the user about it in order to avoid the above mentioned cases and scenarios. This small tool is a portable software and thus can be easily used by any user. You just need to unpack it, for instance on the USB drive or stick which you want to use on the other systems and you need to run this program from that USB drive whenever you are working on systems that are not your own and where you have a risk of forgetting it.


After this you may observe that whenever there is any change in the power state, for instance by selecting to shut down or log off, you are reminded by the program that USB devices are still connected to the system and you must remove them before logging off or shutting down the system. As said it is a very simple utility and just serve the above mentioned purpose for which it has been specially designed and developed. Other than this, the program for the most part sits quietly in the Windows system tray and doesn’t interfere with the programs run in the foreground. You may see a list of all USB drives that it currently monitors and this list is automatically updated whenever a new device is connected to the PC.

So, overall we can say that it is a useful utility but we can say that Free USB Guard is not the only program that can help you in above mentioned scenarios. Earlier to this we have already discussed several other tools which basically can do the same. But this program comes with some additional functionality, including sound alerts which makes it distinct from those utilities.

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