Save, Fix Desktop Icons Arrangement

You must have felt annoying when you have loads of icon on your desktop and when someone else uses your system, he or she changes the position of icons. It is only possible for the owner of the system to understand the location and locate any file among the heap of files present on desktop. So if anybody caused any misalignment to your arrangement then we have a tool named as ICU v2.9 which can rearrange the icons as per the patterns saved in it.


As you can see from the above snapshot that there is table all the layouts of the arrangement of icons will be saved. First of all you will have to arrange the icons on the desktop even is they are unarranged and you don’t want them to get disturbed then after finalizing the arrangement click on save option and then this toll will save the layout of the icons. After saving the layout you will have to name this layout and then this saved layout will be listed in the table.

Now whenever anyone disturbs the arrangement then you can revert back to your previous setting by selecting the layout and then clicking apply. As soon as you press this button all the icons will be realigned to their initial positions and then you can easily relocate ay of your file.


There is an install and uninstall option on the bottom of the application window. The install option will the install the tool in the right click menu of the desktop and uninstall will remove the same, thus there is no need to execute there .exe file again and again.

This tool is very light having a size of having the compressed size of 0.97 Mb and extracted size of 1.57 Mb besides this it does not get installed anytime you want to run this tool just double click its .exe file or execute it from the right click menu of you desktop.

Generally people save those files on their desktop which are not supposed to be saved permanently thus by the end of the day this heap of files becomes huge. That heap of files may contain some important documents and misplacing will cause problem, so you can use this toll to overcome it.

It is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been tested on Windows XP 32-bit and Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition.

Download ICU v2.9

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