Remap, Change Keyboard Keys Function, Operation Using OkayKeybees

Sometimes it may happen that some of your keyboard keys may not work or you may want some of your keys to work differently. I have got a solution for you so that you won’t have to have to buy a new keyboard in case your key’s are broken. I have an application named OkayKeybees, that can help you assign a key to a different key. The application can help you assign a key to another key when a particular key that acts as a modifier is pressed. Using this software you can also assign a key to another key straightaway without pressing any Modifier key.

OkayKeybees 4

OkayKeybees is a freeware that can be downloaded from the link which will be provided later. The application doesn’t need any installation you can simply install it and run. The software will run form the system tray. Once you right click on the OkayKeybees icon in the system tray you will get options like Configure, Disable, About and Exit. Configure option will help you to set the keys. Using Disable option you can disable the software from running at a particular time and all the key changes that you have set in the configure mode will not be reflected anymore.

OkayKeybees 1

When you select the Configure option the above window will open which has two tabs one is Modifier Replaced and the other is Always Replaced. In Modifier Replaced we can select what key to replace with what when we press the Modifier Key. The key that we want to replace should be placed in the Press Textbox and the key from which we have to replace it should be placed in the Simulate Textbox and then you should press Add button to Add this replacement. You can also Delete a replacement using the Delete button. You can select the Modifier key by placing the key in the Modifier Key Textbox.

OkayKeybees 2

This window will open when you will try to enter the value in the Textbox for Press and Simulate options, to enter a key you can straightaway press a key and it will be updated in the Textbox of this window.

OkayKeybees 3

The other tab in the configure window is Always Replaced. In this tab you can directly select a key to be replaced by another key without the use of any modifier. There is also an option to select the uppercase of a key to be replaced with a key which can be either in upper case or in lower case. The selection for the upper case can be done by checking the check box for shift pressed.

Download OkayKeybees .

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