Registry Live Watch – Alert You About Any Registry Key Change

Registry Live Watch is a free to use program which allows you to monitor your system registry all the time and detects and alert you about the registry change in terms of values.


You can monitor a specific key or value key and watch for all changes, keys change, Values change and Security – you can further specify how it should alert you when it detects a change by doing nothing, a pop up message or execute a program. After configuring everything you can click Start Monitor to start watching any changes in registry. You can minimize this application to system tray so that it does not take any desktop space, it is a small utility which will keep running from tray without consuming much memory.

It could be a very useful app for system administrators and programmers who would like to monitor registry for any reason. It is a portable tool and works on all versions of Windows, including both Windows Server 2003/2008 and Windows 7

Download Registry Live Watch and watch changes in registry.

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