Reduce The Size Of Start Menu In Windows 7

The one thing I was really not happy with windows 7 is the size of the windows 7 start menu, which is so big and flooded with so many recent program entries which are not that useful for me. This is how it looks [ as shown in the image below ]


As shown in the image above, my windows 7 start menu is so big and full of useless programs, this happened due to the default number of recent programs to be shown in windows 7 in start menu is 10.

Here is how I decreased this number to reduce the size of window 7 start menu

1. Right click on the windows 7 start menu button and select properties


2. This will open up customize taskbar and start menu window, click customize button now.


3. Once you click the Customize button, a new window will open up where you can customize the number of recent programs shown in windows 7 start menu – In my case I set the number of programs to 6


After setting the number of recent programs to display – my windows 7 start menu size decreased considerably [ as shown in the image below ]



  1. says

    thanks for sharing the handy tip, i always like the short version of the start menu, i do the same with xp too, no more than 6 recent programs i keep,

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