Reduce PNG Size Without Changing Its Format With OptiPNG-UI

OptiPNG-UI is a free to use program which allows you optimize your Portable Network Graphics. It will help you reduce your PNG’s size, this application provides the best way to reduce a PNG size without changing its format.


Some Key Features

1. Easily to choose the optimizing images and the target folder
2. Compatibility with the following images: PNG, BMP, GIF, PNM, TIF
3. Varied Optimization level
4. Automatic backup of the original files
5. Preserve the original files attributes
6. Report of the executed optimizations
7. Automatic repair of the damaged images
8. Low consumption of the resources

Why you should use this tool ?

PNG format is mainly used in web sites graphic design because offers high-quality and 256 levels of transparency. By using this tool you can create lighter PNG files, i.e. with small bytes size, contributes to speed up the loading of web pages in browsers of end users.

Download OptiPNG-UI

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