Rediff Launched Push Mail Service @ Rs. 50 Per Month

Now-a-days, the availability of mobile-based broadband services is increasing due to the recently concluded auctions for 3G and wireless broadband spectrum. Considering this, has launched Rediffmail NG, a paid mobile email service (for Rs. 50 per month, inclusive of all data charges) in partnership with MTNL.

This service is a step towards next generation email service because it provides the advantage of sending and receiving email, look up contacts and assign tasks to the calendar, and set reminders with the same ease from mobile devices as from the computer.

The service works for around 200 models (from different manufacturers) ranging from Symbian, Java, Android to low cost phones like Micromax, Lava and more. It has targeted mainly the small businesses and young entrepreneurs.In fact, according to Ajit Balakrishnan, Chairman and CEO of India, “With Rediffmail NG, we offer an affordable email service for the mass market, helping individuals communicate and conduct business anywhere and anytime, enabling Indian entrepreneurs compete with the world. Even small-sized business owners will now have a cost-effective way to equip their employees with mobile communications and increase productivity.”

The main feature of the service is its cost and facility of maintaining service even upon switching phones by a user.

The service will mainly compete with Nokia push mail service and Jaamun from Infologic as Ajit Balakrishnan said that this service pushes email from a server to the handset, and offers alerts. Now that is different from what Nokia offers, where the handset pulls new mails from the mailbox, thus using more battery life and GPRS connectivity.

According to The Hindu Business Line, recently telecom companies have bid and paid US $22 Billion for 3G and wireless broadband spectrum license fees. So, these companies are also working towards this direction and have already provided their users this kind of services.

In fact, Vodafone and Airtel is providing the service of unlimited internet usage, a much better service than just email one for the same amount of Rs. 50 per month.

You can purchase Rediffmail NG directly via the Company’s website at by clicking on the Rediffmail NG icon and following a few simple steps. Additionally, service can be easily obtained by sending an SMS, text message with the word “mail” to 57333 whereby users will be guided to the enrollment page or connected to a local Rediff representative.


So, basically this service will be beneficial only for the small businessmen who just need to check their emails and not for the youngsters. Also, it will give good competition to the competing offerings provided by companies providing the same kind of service.

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