Redeem Or Install An App From App Store With Free Redeem or Coupon Gift Code On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

If you are an iphone , ipad 2 or ipad 1 or ipod touch user you should know there is way with which you can gift an app on app store to your friend or for developers they can ask for a review by websites who review iphone, ipad apps by giving them a redeem code which webmasters can use and install the app on their test apple devices for app review.

We review iphone, ipad apps on this blog so we keep getting request from different app developers those who want us to review their apps, they normally send us the redeem code if they have a paid app on app store, just in case if you wondering how to install the apps for free if you have the redeem code, follow the procedure below.

1. Open itunes app store on your device, in our case it was ipad 2, go to the featured section and scroll down to locate redeem bottom center of the page as shown in the in the image below.


2. Now once you click redeem you will see the option to enter the redeem code on the pop up type interface as shown in the image below.


3. Now you will need to enter the code and then tab redeem button on the pop up interface as shown in the image below.


4. Once it verifies the redeem code, it will prompt the message as successful and the app will start getting downloaded in background as shown the image below.


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