Red Notebook Lets You Write and Store Notes In Windows, Linux Or Mac

Sometimes you may have experienced a situation where you need to type quickly and you need to make complete notes of whatever is being said. This situation and requirement may arise in a meeting, in a lecture, in schools or colleges, etc. Although most of the people use basic programs such as MS Word, Notepad, etc. as they are not aware of utilities and web apps which has been specially designed for the above mentioned purpose. There are large number of web based note taking apps and note taking browser extensions for different available browsers that allows the user to take notes quickly and that too with the help of a single tap. Some of you might have used them and you might have some hands on experience on these third party applications. You may observe that they are very helpful in effective note taking in meetings, class lectures, etc.

Similar to these utilities, today we are going to discuss one more utility which has been named as ‘Red Notebook’. It is basically a small, easy to use, useful and an advanced note taking program which has been specially developed for Windows based users. As already mentioned, that although there are several utilities available over the web but out of others, Red Notebook note taking program stands out with some distinct features in it.


You may download this utility in few simple steps from the link given below. Red Notebook is an open source note taking software & is a portable application thus can be used on multiple platforms. You may observe that it serves multiple purpose as it can be used as a note taking app, as a diary and also as your personal journal. As already mentioned that it has some distinct and advanced features which include a calendar system that can be used to navigate your notes easily. Along with these features, you can use customizable templates, you may also use export functions to PDF, HTML, text etc.


As mentioned above, that this utility can be used as your personal Journal, so by it we means that you can write your dairy notes and save them. Along with this, you may also tag it and then you may see your tags as word cloud. It allows you to insert images, links, mail addresses, an in-built spell checker, live search, automatic saving. The best thing about this utility is that it’s completely light weight and doesn’t consume much space of your computer.

So, overall we can say that it is a nice little utility which can serve multiple purpose and can be easily used even by casual users. So download it from the below given link and try it out on your own.

Download Red Notebook

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