Recover, View Saved Login Passwords In GTalk, Pidgin, Windows Live Messenger

Now a days we have passwords in almost every thing like messengers, social networking logins, windows login, internet banking login and many more things. After all these things sometimes we may forget our passwords as when we work on our computer we normally use the feature called remember password so when the cookies get deleted or we have to login on some other computer we don’t remember the password as we haven’t entered for past so many attempts. So in order to help you and solve this password remembering problem of yours I have got an application named MessengerPasswordDecryptor which will help you to recover the password from any messenger that you have forgotten.

The application will help you to recover the password from various messengers like GTalk, MSN, Pidgin, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, MySpaceIM, Meebo, Nimbuzz, XFire Game, Miranda, Beyluxe, IMVU, Trillian Astra, PaltalkScene and Digsby IM. Each messenger has its own storage format and encryption mechanism to store the remembered passwords. The application can recover and decrypt the passwords with only one click. The software has both GUI and command line interface. The application once installed can be copied  to a USB drive and then can be run directly on any system without installing again.

MessengerPasswordDecryptor 1

This is the first screen which will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The application will automatically discover all the messengers that are installed on your system as soon as you will run the software. The application will work on all the windows platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 7. The application can decrypt and recover the stored passwords from the messengers. The recovered password can be of any length and complexity. The application will allow you to save the recovered passwords to the HTML file which can be saved or transferred to any other system for future use. The tool will detect the messenger automatically. After the messenger is detected you will have to select the messenger and then click on the Start Recovery button. Once you will click on the start recovery button it will recover the password. If you want to see the recovered the password then you will have to click on the Show Password button. Now you can export the list of all these recovered passwords to a HTML file by clicking on the Export to HTML button.

Download MessengerPasswordDecryptor

Disclaimer – We will not be responsible for any damage done to you because of this software, the information provided above is for educational purpose only.


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