Recover SWF Flash Files From Executable With Exe2Swf

It could be a case when you have executable file of the flash animation, but you might have lost the swf flash files and now you want to extract the swf file from the executable which hides swf inside in it. Exe2Swf is a small tool which lets you extract and recover the original SWF from the executable which contains the swf.

This is small portable tool which does not require any installation, so double clicking the exe runs this tool directly and you will need to locate the exe which contains the swf, the extracted swf file will be found in the same directory where the executable is placed. The swf you extract with this tool will be uncompressed exe.

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Note: exe2swf may not work on projectors created with third party tools like SWF Studio because they bundle their SWF files differently than Flash does.

Download Exe2Swf

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