Recover, Reopen Tabs After Google Chrome Crash Session

Google Chrome is no doubt one of the fastest browser as compared to other Internet Browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer etc but google chrome crashes so often and it will make your life more difficult if you are a web surfer and it will crash very often if you work with more tabs.

google-chrome crashed

As shown in the image above, it will show the above prompt when it will get crashed, now once you select Close the program – It will automatically terminate google chrome and close it completely.

When you restart google chrome it will offer you to recover and re open all the last opened tabs when it had crashed, it will show a yellow colored strip with a restore button on the top right of the browser window but this yellow strip may disappear when you try to click it – which seems to be a bug in google chrome.

Now, another alternative to recover the last opened tabs in google chrome is to click the link at the start page, which shows you the number of the tabs opened in the last session in google chrome as shown in the image below.


We hope you find this little tip about google chrome useful, you can also read our related tutorial on how to re open last opened tabs in google chrome, when you have closed google chrome with all the tabs opened, this tip could be useful when you would like to see the same tabs again when you restart google chrome.

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