Recover, Read Saved AIM Passwords On Your PC

We have already reviewed some of the tools required for recovering the passwords from the browser which store your password sometimes, these browsers can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. One of the most popular instant messengers which we use to have a chat with our friends is America Online Instant messenger; in short you can call it as AIM. So, we will be reviewing a tool today with the help of which you can retrieve the passwords saved by AIM on your computer.


You can see the screenshot of the tool mentioned above. It is pretty easy to install the tool and after the installation you will just have to click the button named ‘Start Recovery’ and then it will enlist all the password along with the usernames of all the users whose passwords were stored by the application on your computer. As the name of the application says that AIM Password Decrypter, so this means that that it will decrypt the password stored by AIM on your computer.


Initially you will not see the passwords you will only see the usernames and the passwords will only appear when you will click the button named ‘Show Passwords’, if you want to save them anywhere then you have a button named ‘Export to HTML’ which will solve this purpose for you.

If you have not saved any password (which you might do in case your computer is being shared among many of your friends, then it will pop up a window saying that it cannot find any encrypted password by AIM) the screenshot of the same has been mentioned at the end of this paragraph.

The size of this tool is around 1.5 MBs and once you are installing this tool then make sure that your computer is connected to internet as it download some of its content from internet which installing the tool. We have used this tool on Windows 7 so it is expected that it will run on all the other version of Windows. Please let us know, if you face any problem while using this tool.

Download AIM Password Decryptor

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