Recover or Hack Google Account Passwords Stored In Google Talk, Picasa, Desktop Search, Gmail Notifier, Internet Explorer And Chrome With GooglePasswordDecryptor

GooglePasswordDecryptor allows to to recover stored Google account passwords by various applications. Most of the Google’s desktop applications such as GTalk, Picasa etc store the account passwords in their private encrypted store to prevent it from entering the password every time. GooglePasswordDecryptor goes through each of these application’s encrypted stores and decrypts this Google account password.


This program does not require to close these programs in order to reveal the passwords stored. Also it can show passwords from multiple accounts if you have used more than one Google account. You can also export the recovered password list to text or HTML file.

Note: It is a freeware standalone application and it does not require any installation, one can copy the binary to any location on the system and run it directly.

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Download GooglePasswordDecryptor

Disclaimer: Please use the above tool and all other information for educational purpose only


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