Recover or Find Forgot Google Account Password and Information

There are times when you may forgot or lost google account password with which you are using several other google services and programs like Google Talk, Google Picasa, Google Desktop Search, Gmail Notifier, Internet Explorer (all versions from 4 to 8) and Google Chrome

If you are using any of the above tools, you can easily recover your google account password and other information related to your account using the free utility called GooglePasswordDecryptor – It is the FREE tool to instantly recover stored Google account passwords by various Google applications as well as popular web browsers including Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.


GooglePasswordDecryptor automatically crawls through each of these applications and recovers the encrypted Google account password stored through these applications which you using on your computer.

GooglePasswordDecryptor Key Features

  • Instantly decrypt and recover stored encrypted Google account password from prominent Google desktop applications as well as popular web browsers.
  • Multi-user support for recovering Google password stored within different user accounts.
  • Support recovering multiple Google accounts stored with any of the supported applications.
  • Automatically discovers the supported applications from their respective install location and recovers the password instantly.
  • Passwords are not shown by default for security reasons as it is sensitive data. However user can toggle this behavior using ‘Show Password’ button.
  • On successful recovery operation, username, password along with a corresponding application store is displayed.
  • Sort feature to arrange the displayed password list by username and password which makes it easy to search through 100’s of entries.
  • User can save the recovered Google password list to HTML file for transferring to other system or for future use.
  • Easy and faster to use with its enhanced user friendly interface.
  • Does not require any installation as it is standalone portable tool and can be run directly on any system.

This application is a standalone utlity does not require installation, so you just extract the zip archive and launch the program executable to run it directly from any location. It works on all the windows operations systems including windows 7, we have just tested this program on windows 7 32 bit Ultimate Edition.

Disclaimer – GooglePasswordDecryptor is designed for good purpose to help users to recover the lost Google account password. Like any tool its use either good or bad, depends upon the user who uses it. However we are not responsible for any damage caused due to misuse of this tool.

Download GooglePasswordDecryptor [ Direct Link ] | Source – Ghacks

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