Recover Forgotten Firefox Master Password Using FireMaster

Today I am going to tell you about a tool that will help you to recover the lost master password of your Firefox. The tool is one of its kind and is the first ever to be made for this purpose. Firefox uses Master Password to protect the stored sign-on information for the user which includes the information about all the visited websites. If you forget your Master Password by mistake then there is no way to retrieve it and you will loose all your sign on Information. However I have got an application named Fire Master which will help you to recover your Master Password in case you forget it by mistake.

The tool has many techniques to crack the password like Brute-Force, Hybrid, Dictionary and Advanced Pattern Brute-Force to recover all kinds of passwords i.e. simple or complex. You should use advanced Pattern Brute-Force in case you have complex password which has the special symbols. Firefox uses the Master Password entered by the user to decrypt the encrypted data and match the decrypted data with a String, if it matches the password’s correct otherwise its not. Fire Master also uses the same technique but In a optimized way.

FireMaster 1

This is the first window that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The tool operates from the command prompt. It shows you the various options to perform the various types of password recovery process. The quiet mode i.e. –q mode will help you to perform the process in  a quite mode as it will disable the printing of each password which will take  a lot of time . The –d option id used to perform the Dictionary crack operation.  There are three types of password cracking options i.e. Dictionary Crack, Hybrid Crack and Brute-force Crack. By using the Brute-Force Algorithm options  you can reduce the password cracking time significantly like –b for Brute-force attack,  –c for character list, –m for minimum length of the password, –l for specifying the various maximum length of the password and –p for any pattern in the software.

FireMaster 2

The window shows the example of how this tool can be used from the command prompt. The tool can be used with the latest version of the Firefox i.e. 6.0.2. It can also work successfully for Firefox version 1.0 or more.

Download Fire Master.

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